How to measure my feet

You need:

  • paper
  • pencil
  • ruler or tape measure

Because your feet expand over the course of the day, it is better to take the measruement in the afternoon or in the evening.

Please do NOT simply place your feet on a ruler,
this type of measurement is too inaccurate!

  1. Put your right and your left foot each on a piece of paper. Outline the contours of your feet closely and slightly drag the pencil under your heel bone, too. If possible do these drawings standing.
    Symbolic image for Outlining your feet
  2. Now measure the length of each foot with a ruler.
    Symbolic image for measuring the length of your feet
  3. Measure the width of each foot.
    Symbolic image for measuring the width of your feet
  4. Please enter the determined values in the fields provided on the order form, so we can find the right size for you faster, or we will correct the size if necessary. Feet are usually different, so don't be afraid if the measurements are different.