Satin: Pumps, Sandals


For € 20,00 we dye your white silk shoes according to a colour sample (fabric sample) in any desired colour. First you have to try on the shoes. That means, we send you the shoes first for a fitting, in the next step you send them back to us, preferably with a fabric sample as a colour sample. Then we will dye the shoes as desired and send them back to you. Please allow 4 - 5 working days for delivery. The additional costs for the colouring are € 20,- plus one delivery charge of € 4,90 (within Germany. For all other countries you will find here the shipping costs. If your white satin shoes have become dirty, e.g. after a wedding or long ball night, we dye them in black for € 15,-. For other brands we can not guarantee the colour.

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